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Legal Marketing Online Integration Series: Part 1- Getting Started
In an economic downturn, it is those businesses that advertise and market their law firm that not only survive, but thrive in the long run.  By maintaining and promoting continued ‘brand’ recognition through online branding, your business can increase profits despite the highly competitive shrinking market (and YES your law firm is a business).  Those businesses that have the most recognition will get the greater share of the potential client market.

A highly cost effective strategy for law firms to promote their legal services today is online marketing.  Through SEO and other online marketing efforts, you can promote your firm ‘brand’ to qualified potential clients.  More so in fact than any other marketing medium available today.  Legal marketing online has highly effective tracking methods to assure the greatest ROI.

Still Wondering Why You Even Need a Legal Marketing Team?

In fact in some law firms, legal marketing usually falls in the lap of someone that has several other duties.  Often those other duties take priority over legal marketing efforts.  It is very clear that when it comes to online legal marketing, law firms either ‘get it’ or they don’t.  Those that ‘get it’, can’t get enough of it and continue to look for ways that they can do more to include online strategies (SEO/ e-newsletters/ Blogs) to their overall marketing plan.  Why?  Because they have seen the benefits of it.  Still many in the legal community recoil in horror whenever they hear the words ‘marketing’, ‘advertising’, or even worse ‘social marketing’ tossed around.  So let’s start with an idea we are more comfortable with.

Branding: Not Just for Cattle Ranchers Anymore

In the process of developing your law firms’ website(s), you may have noticed a change in your idea of ‘branding.’  Your concept of typical branding in terms of print/advertising, took on a whole new level.  Just one of the advantages of online branding is that it offers more possibilities with the opportunity for more personality in your online presence. (Remember those two words: possibilities and personality, because in the online world of marketing they go together like peanut butter and jelly)

What is your online presence?

Do you even know what is out there about you?  You should!  There is so much information available online today that it has become a necessity to maintain your reputation and presence online as well as off-line.  Both however work to achieve the same goal which is maintaining your client relationships and attracting new leads for your firm.  Make no mistake your firm is a business, and you are the walking/ talking advertisement for it.  What I mean by that is that being a lawyer is a profession, one in which your business is yourself.  I’m sure that as a lawyer you know this and understand the fine line that you must always maintain in order to protect that reputation.  The same is true for your online presence.

Law firms and legal marketing teams must have an understanding of how online strategies fit in with other marketing and media efforts.  So ask yourself these questions;

    Who is your legal marketing team?  Paralegals, Legal Administrators, or someone else with ten thousand other responsibilities?

    What is their online marketing experience?  Is their legal marketing experience limited to traditional medias; T.V. ads, radio, print publications and so forth?

    What efforts have been made by the legal marketing team, by way of branding and promotion?

    What has been the overall ROI from these efforts?

    Is your legal marketing team utilizing the tools available across several mediums to produce the greatest ROI?

As mentioned before, many times the ‘legal marketing team’ happens to be individuals who have many other duties and responsibilities.  Even before the recession, legal marketers were feeling pressure to do more with less.  ROI on marketing efforts must be clear and tangible, but you need to start with a legal marketing team that understands online marketing for lawyers.

There are plenty of reasons as to why your firm should continue its’ advertising and marketing efforts through online marketing.  If for nothing else you do it for the bottom line.  The bottom line is that online marketing through a team of online law marketing professionals as offered by WebJuris brings the highest ROI.  With accurate and detailed tracking reports you and the dedicated members of your legal marketing team will be able to monitor efforts to produce the highest level of success for your firm.

In the posts to follow we will take a look at the most popular and productive ways of online legal marketing including PPC, SEO, E-Newsletters, Blogs, Social Media and more.

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